About Us

Hello and welcome! We are engaged on the meaningful journey that is marriage. It feels good to work alongside each other and put both our energies into our work. We fashioned our home in a way so that she could be a beautiful container to accommodate pilgrims, and all visitors.  We are situated in the enchanting little village  of Castrillo, along the Pilgrimage route to Santiago in northern Spain. It is our intention to surround you with a nourishing and beautiful environment.
Come simply to rest, stay for the night or longer. We also run retreats of a creative and meditative nature several times a year. If you are constrained by time then we can arrange a private retreat adapted to your interests and what calls.  We also host outside retreats/workshops, welcoming all that invites life, connection, healing and expression.  
We live on the pilgrimage to Santiago because we have both walked it and been touched by it. It is a dynamic living tradition which connects us to our ancient roots. We are passionate about all aspects of the camino but share a particular love for its traditional and sacred art. Like the pilgrimage, engaging in this type of art holds a subtle wisdom of which we have become disconnected from in our modern era. It brings together the spiritual and physical and honours the Sacred, beauty and nature.
We are deeply passionate about our region which is incredibly rich and holds many treasures; Mount Teleno, considered a deity by the Celts and Romans; ancient 5,000 year old petroglyphs with carved labyrinths; dolmens; exquisite roman mosaics; secluded chapels in nature; the beautiful “White Lady” – León cathedral; the Valley of Silence  just to name a few. We have been deeply inspired by these places and passionately researched them. We wish to share them with you and often include them in our retreats. 

See here for what retreats we have on.

Basia Goodwin I have an MA from the Princes School of Traditional Arts in London. These days I continue to explore my love for nature’s patterns and rhythms through different mediums. In particular stained glass, ceramics and natural pigments which I prepare myself when I can. I also love to sing and would like to know what moves you and brings you delight! 
Bertrand Gamrowski My background is in mathematics. I am deeply passionate about philosophy. I like to think with my hands and love working with wood. I also share a passion for stained glass and sacred geometry with Basia. We want to engage in Beauty, share, exchange and bring people together.