About Us


As well as accommodating pilgrims on their way to Santiago, we also provide a space for those needing a space to land after their walk. We are open to all and welcome all guests. 

Several times a year we offer retreats that explore the notion of pilgrimage, ritual and symbol as expressed through the camino and its sacred and traditional art.

Like walking the camino, engaging in the process of sacred art can trace a route of Self discovery. Through it our ancestors speak and can inspire and support the modern day person seeking soul nourishment. This a time to slow down and be present where the process and direct experience counts. Find joy and meaning in creating beauty along side others.  Open to all and complete beginners welcome.

 A sample of 2019 retreats – details soon to be published.

Stone carving – visit the magnificent visigothic monastery of san pedro de la nave which was also the earliest refuge on the camino. Deepen your appreciation by studying and carving its beautiful carvings.

Icon painting – learn the 1500 year old tradition of icon painting, using natural pigments, egg and wine, as well as real gold. This year we will be painting saint James the pilgrim

Traditional stained glass – deepen your appreciation for leon cathedral and create a beautiful stained glass piece.

Sacred geometry – explore the hidden mysteries of the architecture of the churches and cathedral on the camino, from visigothic, romanesque and gothic.

A jungian retreat – exploring the archetype of pilgrimage.

All retreats are inspired by the Pilgrimage to Santiago, the notion of pilgrimage and the inward journey. as well as fostering the traditional pilgrims communitas.