About Us


We are engaged on the meaningful journey that is marriage. It feels good to work alongside each other and put both our energies into our work! We fashioned our home in a way, so that she could be a container to receive pilgrims and all visitors. We run our own workshops and we welcome to host others. We invite all that cultivates life, connection, healing and expression.

We live on the pilgrimage to Santiago because we have both walked it and been touched by it. We feel deeply moved and inspired by its reanimation. Here the physical and the spiritual meet. We walk in nature. We are part of nature. Just as as we need to take care of ourselves, we need to take care of our environment. On the Way we are invited to move more slowly, to be quiet and still. We walk alone but also with others. We are also following in the footsteps of all those that walked before us on this ancient and medieval route.

Along the Way there is a wealth of pre romanesque churches where you can find the first known rose window in Europe, the geometry of which is so simple and beautiful. We find beautiful cathedrals along the Way. We also have an exceptional body of Roman mosaics and ancient petroglyphs in the area. This particular region has been a land of passage, where many cultures have met and mixed. The Celts, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors and the Asturians have come here. They have left a rich heritage that longs to be rediscovered.

The workshops we make are often inspired by the treasures of our region. We would like to share these places with you. One way is through exploring traditional art and craft. This kind of art is part of our heritage. It holds a subtle wisdom, of which we have been increasingly disconnected from in our modern era.The processes involved in the creation of this art are a form of pilgrimage. It is a journey that is honouring the sacred, beauty, nature, ourselves and others.

Basia Goodwin I have an MA from the Princes School of traditional Arts in London. These days I continue to explore my love for sacred geometry, pattern and rhythm through different mediums. In particular stained glass, ceramics and natural pigments which I prepare myself when I can. I also love to sing and would like to know what moves you and brings you delight!

Bertrand Gamrowski My background is in mathematics. I am deeply passionate about philosophy. I also like to think with my hands. I love working with wood and I share a passion for stained glass and sacred geometry with my wife. We want to engage in Beauty, share, exchange and bring people together.