Santiago Rose

The last one of Santiago – a reanimation

Before the baroque facade was built, Santiago cathedral exhibited a large central romanesque rose window. Only fragments of this rose remain and a fuzzy 17th century sketch but it reveals a very particular design. eight sun/stars dance in a circle within eight moons which are in various phases. The three phases of the moon evoke the cycles of death and rebirth.

When taking into account the parts that are left, the sketch, and looking at other windows from this period, the reconstitution exhibited in the cathedral museum of Santiago is not quite right. We have reconstituted it and created a new centre based on our research.

The recent reanimation of the Camino means that it is a living tradition. Tradition at its best is dynamic. By walking this ancient road we not only reconnected to our roots but reenvision and reformulate something a-new. It is quite poetic that we do not know what the centre of the rose is.

Just like walking the camino, it is only by creating sacred art and experiencing its process that allows us to fully understand its true depth and beauty. Creating it is a form of pilgrimage and through it we are changed. It is our intention to share this beauty with others. To understand more about the santiago rose, and other roses along the camino you are welcome to join us on our our July retreat. or join us on a private retreat

See here for images of our exhibition on the rose windows found along the Pilgrimage to Santiago.