Castrillo de los polvazares

Castrillo de Los Polvazares is a traditional maragato village and is considered one of most beautiful villages in Spain. The houses and streets are entirely built in the traditional style with local stone. Building materials and techniques that have not changed much over time have contributed to its harmony. The local stone is grey or beige at heart but because the earth is rich in iron, it also catches warm hues of yellow, red, brown. It contrasts with the doors and windows painted in bright green, red, blue. It sparkles in the Spanish sunlight and often glows at dusk. At night the moon reveals another aspect of its personality.

You often hear that the inhabitants of Castrillo are “maragatos” and that they used to be “arrieros” meaning “mule driver”. It refers to the fact that many maragatos were transporting merchandise between Galicia, Castilla and Extremadura in mule-drawn carts. It is visible in the architecture of the village. Arched gates give access to large patios and warehouses practicable for the carts and their merchandises. Today the inhabitants of Castrillo remain deeply attached to their village, its history and its traditions. A lot of them can trace back their genealogy over several generations. They will give you a warm and friendly welcome and are often keen to share their passion for their village and region.

There are a few restaurants in the village that serve a traditional stew called the “cocido maragato” dish and lovely regional wines. There is also the cosy and special Trechuro bar where you can often experience live music. Castrillo’s most beautiful aspect is its location. It is embedded in beautiful countryside with lots of paths to explore.