The pilgrimage to Santiago

‘El Camino- The Way’

The journey makes you a pilgrim because the Way to Santiago is not only a track to be walked in order to get somewhere, nor is it a test to reach any reward. El Camino is a parable and a reality at the same time because it is done both within and outside the specific time that it takes to walk each stage but along your entire life if only you allow the Camino to get into you, to transform you and to make you a pilgrim. The Camino makes you simple because the lighter the backpack the less strain to your back and the more you will experience how little you actually need to live. The Camino makes you a brother and sister. Whatever you have you must be ready to share because even if you started on your own, you will meet companions. The Camino breeds community. Community that greets the other, that takes interest in how the walk is going for the other, that talks and shares with the other. The Camino makes demands on you. You must get up even before the sun rises in spite of tiredness or blisters; you must walk in the darkness of night while dawn is growing, you must get the rest you need and keep going. The Camino calls you to contemplate, to be amazed, to welcome, to interiorise, to stop, to be quiet, to listen to, to admire, to bless… nature, our companions on the journey, ourselves, God.