Hosting Your Event

We provide workspace and accommodation for groups coming for workshops, seminars and other actvities. For example in the past we have hosted kinesiology trainings, a music evening and exhibitions.


We put at your disposal several places for meetings and activities:

  • a workshop equipped with kiln (33m2),
  • a “seminar room” (41m2),
  • a pergola in the courtyard for when the weather allows (total shaded area 48m2),
  • the art gallery that can also be used as a meeting space (28m2).

Other common areas

  • a large kitchen / dining area (33m2)
  • a communal bathroom (17m2) with two showers, two toilets, two washbasins and a washing machine at our guests’ disposal.

please get in touch!

A total of 6 bedrooms (including 2 en suite) and 5 bathrooms are available. Beds can be turned into single beds, double beds or bunk beds. In full bunkbed capacity we can accommodate 25 people. The space can therefore be adapted to your needs. It is best to contact us so that we can propose configurations.When more ensuite bedrooms are needed, it is possible to rent B&B’s or hotel rooms (all less than 200 yards away). See accommodation.