We welcome pilgrims staying for the night as well as those needing some landing space after they complete their journey. We also welcome those who are perhaps needing a day, or two days rest.  For some pilgrims it has been a good moment for a pause as you transition into a new ‘stage’ of the Way. We are situated just where the meseta ends and at the foot of the climb to the highest point of the Pilgrimage.

Accommodation starts at 40 euros depending on the room. We also look after the albergue municipal a 5 euros. Donativo diner and breakfast at Flores Del Camino for pilgrims.

As part of our offering we can also provide a short retreat (either, during of after your camino) should that call and be of use. With pilgrims we usually do a specific retreats that nurture the journey :

Explore the symbolism of the labyrinth. Visit local ancient petroglyphs depicting several labyrinths at sun set or sun rise. Explore these petroglyphs with us (in the context of the thousands of petroglyphs in Galicia).

-Gently explore visible, hidden and symbolic geometry in sacred art on the camino. A journey to Beauty, nature, the Sacred and the Self.

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Price for accommodation and retreat for pilgrims on their camino
(maximum of two days)

Single ensuite 75 € per day  Shared ensuite/Shared bathroom 60 € per day   

Normal price applies to those who have completed their camino 
or who are wishing to do a longer retreat. 

Accommodation, all materials, visits, meals
Single ensuite 150 € per day  Shared ensuite 120 € per day 

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