Private Retreat
All year round - by appointment


It is a wonderful experience to journey with others in a group retreat. But for those of you who cannot, we can support you in your own retreat. We wish to offer you a time to rest, to be nourished by the surrounding landscape and its treasures as well as the opportunity to engage in an inspiring creative and meditative activity. We are flexible and can adapt to your time frame and what is calling you.

Passing pilgrims are also welcome to stay for longer and engage in such an activity if this should call and be of use to you. It is also a place you can return to after your camino.

We are flexible. Browse our retreats and tell us what calls you. 

Here are some possible explorations alone or in combination.

  • Sun rise/sunset visit to local ancient petroglyph depicting labyrinths. Explore the labyrinth as a symbol of pilgrimage. A presentation on the thousands of petroglyphs in Galicia.
  • A window into the spirituality of the medieval pilgrim. Study the hidden, symbolic and manifest geometry of the rose window. We will specifically be focusing on rose windows and gothic architecture on the Pilgrimage to Santiago.
  • Geometry in sacred art – an exploration into the geometry (and its meaning/symbolism) found in churches and cathedrals along the camino.
  • Create a ‘mandala’ based on a rose window design
  • A silent retreat. Art and Ritual. Visit to the valley of silence. Explore the simple (fading) repetitatve patterns depicted in the church of Santiago de Penalba. Paint using natural pigments. Experience the creative process as a form of meditation.
  • The Language of Nature – geometry in traditional and sacred art -explore the beautiful designs of camino art, or/and, local maragato art and local roman mosaics.
  • Persian shamseh – learn how to paint a beautiful Shamseh design(Shamseh – meaning ‘of the son’) using gold and natural pigments
  • traditional stained glass (painting and leading)
  • These retreats can also include visits; Petroglyphs, Leon Cathedral, San Isidore, San Miguel de Escelada, La Olmeda Roman mosaics, secluded ermitas etc.

Price: materials, classes, food and accomodation 

Single ensuite 150 € per day 

Shared ensuite 120 € per day

See here for pilgrims price

We are situated 250km away from Santiago, along the pilgrimage path. You will be stayingin Castrillo, an enchanting traditional Maragato village, voted the most beautiful village in Spain in 2017. More information, images of the village, and where you will be stayingcan be found on the website. See contact for details about how to get here.