Special Places
All year round - by appointment

All year round – by appointment

We are situated on a meaningful point on the pilgrimage, just at the end of the meseta and on the gateway to Galicia.  It has been a great joy to discover what treasures lay hidden here. Mount Telneno considered a deity by the Celts and Romans, ancient 5,000 year old petroglyphs depicting unique motif, dolmens, beautiful secluded ermitas -this is just to name a few. We are deeply passionate about these places and  would like to share them to you.

There is also the possibility to combine the visits with relevant art workshops. Get in touch and let us know what is calling you.

Prices: visits, food and accomodation

Single ensuite 150 € per day

Shared ensuite 120 € per day


We are situated 250km away from Santiago, along the pilgrimage path. You will be stayingin Castrillo, an enchanting traditional Maragato village, voted the most beautiful village in Spain in 2017. More information, images of the village, and where you will be stayingcan be found on the website. See contact for details about how to get here.