Archetype of Pilgrimage (FULL)
June 17th-23rd, 2018

There are a lot of petroglyphs in Galicia, more than 1,000 identified sites, estimated to date from the Bronze Age. They depict many beautiful symbols and forms: from concentric circles, spirals to the classical labyrinth and many more unusual designs. In 2008, petroglyphs were also discovered near Astorga depicting several labyrinths. It is the first time that some Galician-style petroglyphs have been found out of Galicia. It is exciting because it shows the existence of a route between here and Galicia, far before the Christian pilgrimage. During the retreat we try to give an experience of the petroglyphs rather than pass a knowledge. Studying and drawing their archetypal forms, carving them, building them on the ground with stones, going on site, and “feeling” the location. We will witness the solstitial alignments by sunrise and sunset visits.

There is a surprisingly smooth transition from petroglyphs to rose windows. They have the same ingredients: rock, light and geometry. Within a radius of 200 miles around us, we happen to have the oldest known rose window (on the camino del norte) and fine examples of many later styles. Like for petroglyphs, we aim to give an experience of the rose window more than an academic knowledge. We want to surprise total beginners in geometry with their own acquaintance with (once again) archetypal forms and their inner ability to draw them. We want to show you that once you have done geometry, you start “seeing” much more.


Sunday: Arrival, evening meal welcome.

Monday: Tea staining paper, presentation/workshop Galician petroglyphs, 
sunset petroglyph visit.

Tuesday: Carving petroglyphs.

Wednesday: Making a labyrinth. Visit to the ermita of San Esteban.

Thursday: Rose windows.

Friday: sunrise visit to the petroglyphs, rose windows.

Saturday: Departure

We are situated 250km away from Santiago, along the pilgrimage path. You will be staying in Castrillo, an enchanting traditional Maragato village, voted the most beautiful village in Spain in 2017. More information, images of the village, and where you will be staying can be found on the website. See contact for details about how to get here.

Price: includes all materials visits, food and accommodation.

Ensuite single 850 €

Ensuite shared 750 €

We ask for a 100 euro deposit to secure you place.

The Valley of Silence retreat is straight after this one. Both these retreats compliment each other very well.     

*Receive a 100 € discount when you join both* see here