The Art of Pilgrimage
14 - 20 or 14- 24 october


You can either do a five or ten day retreat. Suitable for complete beginners and anyone interested in the Pilgrimage to Santiago. Ideal for those who are perhaps unable to walk the camino, or who would like to deepen their experience of it. Explore the process of sacred art as a form of pilgrimage, and meditation. People of all faiths or non welcome.

In the first five days you will have the opportunity to experience the 1500 year old icon painting technique. You can either paint the Virgin of Vladimir, or a beautiful roublev angel. You will be guided by Hanna Wards expert hand (a teacher of the prosopon technique who teaches in Greece, Bethlehem, London and Finland). Like the camino, the process is divided into stages, rich with symbolism and meaning. You will be using beautiful natural pigments mixed with egg yolk and white wine.

You can continue the retreat and deepen your experience of ritual, symbol and pilgrimage by exploring the art of the medieval pilgrim. We will specifically  focus on the rose window and Chartres labyrinth. This retreat will also include visits to local special places along the camino.


Day 1 (14th Oct ) Arrival – evening welcome/snacks/dinner.

Day 2 (15th Oct) Icon painting

Day 3 (16th Oct) Icon painting. Evening intention fire.

Day 4 (17th Oct) Icon painting. Evening intention fire.

Day 5 (18th Oct) Icon painting.

Day 6 (19th Oct) icon painting

Day 7 (20th Oct) Icon painting – visits to local special places in nature inspired by the theme of pilgrimage. (departure for those doing the shorter retreat).

Day 8 (21st Oct) Deepening the journey. Sacred art of the cathedral. roses and labyrinths (afternoon visits to special places). 

Day 9 (22nd Oct) Deepening the journey, roses and labyrinths (optional visit to leon cathedral).

Day 10 (23rd Oct) More on geometry in scared art.  We will visit the Cruz del Ferro and lunch at El Acebo. More on labyrinths. Walking the labyrinth and intention fire

Day 11 (24th) Departure.


Food, accommodation, materials and visits and airport transfer *

5 days (6 nights) - ensuite 850 € / ensuite shared 750 €
arrival 14th - departure morning of the 20th

10 days (10 nights) - ensuite 1350 € / ensuite shared 1250 €
arrival 14th - departure morning of the 24th

*Airport transfer available: Oct 14th from Madrid airport, 5pm pick up. Going back, Oct 24th, 10:30am drop off at Madrid airpot. Transfer to the airport on the 20th NOT available. If you are doing a shorter retreat or, you wish to make your own way we can advise you on travel (and help you book). There are several daily direct coaches to/from the airport. Trains are also a good option.