The Valley of Silence (FULL)
June 10th - 16th, 2018


"Sing to me in the stillness of your heart"


We will begin our time together by journeying to the beautiful Valley of Silence – a very special detour along the Camino Francés, pilgrimage route to Santiago. We will visit the evocative cave of the hermit San Genadio and the exquisite 10th century church of Santiago de Peñalba.

The remainder of the retreat will take place at ‘Flores del Camino’ where you will discover the use of geometry in sacred art, by examining the simple, beautiful patterns found on the Santiago de Peñalba church walls. Drawing on this inspiration you will create a design of repeating patterns that you will paint on tea – stained paper, using natural pigments – some of which you will learn how to make yourself. Apart from meal times, we will spend much of our time together in intentional silence, to allow ourselves to deepen our experience of sacred art and the creative process as a form of meditation. You will be invited to participate in three daily rituals:

Morning – a brief sharing circle, reading a Rumi poem for example.

Afternoon – walk in the countryside after lunch.

Evening – “intention” fire under the Milky Way. We will write down burdens, intentions,  prayers, blessings, etc. to burn in the fire.


Sunday - Arrival and evening welcome.

Monday - Valley of silence, walk to the cave, church visit, outdoor picnic.

Tuesday - Tea staining, making pigments, drawing geometry patterns.

Wednesday - Pigment preparation, drawing geometry patterns, painting.

Thursday - Painting.

Friday - Painting.

Saturday - Morning wrap-up and departure.

We are situated 250km away from Santiago, along the pilgrimage path. You will be staying in Castrillo, an enchanting traditional Maragato village, voted the most beautiful village in Spain in 2017. More information, images of the village, and where you will be staying can be found on the website. See contact for details about how to get here.

Price: includes all materials visits, food and accommodation.

Ensuite single 850 €

Ensuite shared 750 €

We ask for a 100 euro deposit to secure you place.


The Archetype of Pilgrimage retreat is straight after this one. Both these retreats compliment each other very well.     

*Receive a 100 € discount when you join both* see here