The Rose Window
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Deepen your appreciation for the symbolism of the enchanting visigothic, romanesque, gothic art of the camino by gently being guided through  the geometrical construction of some of the sacred art of the pilgrimage.

During the retreat we will make the stunning journey along mountains and beautiful lakes towards oviedo where you will visit the enchanting 9thc. visigothic church of San Miguel de Lillo secluded in nature, high up, over looking the city. There you will experience the first known rose window in Europe. Lunch will be by Oviedo cathedral where you can enjoy the later gothic flamboyant style.

The aim is to pass on an experience rather than just a knowledge to help you discover more fully the subtle wisdom carved into stone, left by our ancestors.

Suitable for complete beginners. (You will also have the opportunity to prolong your retreat and take part in another taking place directly after this one where you will be creating a beautiful small rose window, based on one of the designs we will have studied).